Don't Ask Me

Don't ask me for movie recommendations if you're picky about what you like. I'm accused of liking everything. I guess people imply I'm not discerning in my tastes. In actuality, I'm picky about what I see. I read reviews, ask for recommendations, etc., and rarely see a movie without having a good idea about what I'm going to see and whether or not I'll like it. But the other reality is that I do focus on what I like and overlook what I don't like in most movies I see.

So consider yourself warned when I see a movie and recommend it. Lois and I saw three movies recently on DVD and two got two thumbs up from us: "Akeelah and the Bee" and "An Unfinished Life." "An Unfinished Life" is a great story about forgiveness. Powerful. I love Morgan Freeman. This movie also stars Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez and Josh Logan. The child actor is also super. "Akeelah" is about overcoming fear of failure and success. Very moving story. (I'm a sucker for tear jerkers.) I noticed they're selling this DVD in Starbucks.

We also saw "The Lake House." Lots of holes in the plot line that bothered me, but I still liked it. I'm also a sucker for "chick flicks." Love 'em. (Just in case you're questioning my manhood at this point, my favorite all-time film is Braveheart. Grunt. Grunt.) The plot holes kind of ruined it for Lois so no thumbs up from her.