Resistance is (not) Futile

“Prepare to be assimilated. …Resistance is futile.” 

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Recognize that line?

You’ll be tested this weekend in the sermon. Don't worry, it will be a multiple choice test.

Resistance to assimilation into the larger society is a major theme in the Bible.

But resistance is tricky, difficult, and often costly because God doesn’t call his people to stick to themselves and forget about everyone else.

In the Old Testament, Daniel is the archetype of resistance while living in exile, far from the Promised Land.

But Esther is another story. She is living in exile in Persia and has clearly adopted Persian standards. She is , practically speaking, assimilated. But God uses her to save his people and she is changed in the process.

The story of Esther is the story of how we find their way back to God in spite of all the ways we compromise our faith in ways we should not compromise.

Join us this weekend as we launch our new Esther series. Invite a friend or family member.