Williams P. Smith on "6 Ways to Bring Light to Heated Talks with Teenagers"

You can read the whole article here. What Smith says in this article is good advice for other relationships as well. Here’s one of the ways from the article:

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Call yourself out when you’ve disrespected them.

Your children already know when you are disrespectful, so let them know that you’re also aware—and that you’re not okay with what you’ve done. It’s normal Christian life to confess our sins to each other (James 5:16), so I’ve found it helpful to say out loud to my kids, “I’m yelling,” or “I’m interrupting,” or “I’m being condescending.”

You then need to apologize to them like you’d want them to apologize to you. When you do, you’re not only living faithfully before Christ, you’re also helping them learn what to do when they say something wrong. How else will they know what a good apology sounds like if they haven’t heard many from you?