How Our Preaching Plan Will Impact Your Life (Part 1)

This is a five-part series on our preaching plan for the next ministry year. These are longer posts, so read the bold highlights only for a quicker review of the content.

Sometimes building anticipation is a big part of the experience. 


When my boys were little, I’d take them every year to our church’s middle school camp in Manhattan, KS, across the street from the Kansas State University campus. It was called Power Week.

I was the morning speaker every year, which meant I was free the rest of the day to spend with the boys. We’d go to the city pool and the mall for fresh lemonade. We’d hang out at Cafe Royale, and we developed a bunch of other traditions.

Starting in the winter, when I’d go into their rooms to pray and say goodnight, I’d often ask, “What are we going to do this summer at Power Week?” They’d get excited talking about it, and so would I. The anticipation was part of the fun.

So, over the next few posts, I hope to build your sense of excited anticipation by explaining what goes into sermon series planning (especially planning for an entire year) and by sharing a little bit about some of the series we have planned, and how you can expect to be impacted.

Before I do that I want to look back at the past three years of sermons in my next post because we’ve been on a great and important journey. 

Photo by William Topa on Unsplash