"Would You Accept More Gospel Hostility If It Also Meant More Gospel Openness?"

That’s the question pastor Stephen McAlpine asked in a recent blog post, based on a conversation with a Scottish pastor and author who said, “It’s never been more hostile to the gospel, but never more open either.”


He writes, “In our modern world the right to choose just about anything has never been so available to people. But it’s not working for them. They’re pulling all the right levers, pushing all the right buttons, and the result is a record level of anxiety, stress and depression in our culture.”

Thus the question.

It’s not that we have a choice about growing hostility to faith.

But we do have a choice how we see it and respond.

If it creates more openness and opportunity, can we rejoice that we have suffered in his name?

The article where he talks about this is really worth reading. I hope you will. Go here.

Photo by Marco Jimenez on Unsplash