Game-changer: Two Whys for Every What

So you’re trying to communicate something that’s important to someone you care about, what you’re trying to communicate is the What.


The What could be a theological truth about God or a moral instruction from God in his Word. Something like that.

Alisa Childers’ guest on her podcast (below) says you need to give two Whys for that What.

Parents, learning to do this habitually can be a game-changer. Not just parents, though. This is a game-changer for all of us that are trying to influence others for Christ.

The first Why is the rational explanation that would include the biblical support for the What, but it needs to be more in most cases if you’re trying influence or persuade.

You also need offer other reasons why the What makes sense. It could be observations you’ve made or a philosophical or rational argument for the What.

The second Why is an explanation of why it should matter to them. Why it’s beneficial or important or will save them trouble or lead to greater opportunities. That kind of thing.

Childers’ guest goes into more detail in the podcast, and he has a lot of other great things to say to parents and all influencers.

Listen below or on your favorite podcast app.