Five Practices That Grow Your Influence

by John Eiselt

A minor miscalculation led us so far off-course that we were legitimately lost by the time we reached the end of our directions. We had a compass, distances, degrees, and directions but we missed the mark dramatically.


We were at a Boy Scout Leadership Camp weekend. The purpose of the weekend was to develop leadership skills that we would then use in various roles of leadership in our local Boy Scout Troops. The weekend experience was designed to introduce its participants to challenging circumstances that required leadership and the use of skills we had learned in scouting. I don’t recall how or why I was chosen to lead our particular group, but all eyes were on me to get us back on course.

Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as a leader or feel ill-equipped to lead in the role you find yourself in. As parents, siblings, neighbors, classmates, leaders, team-members, and supervisors we all have influence. Influence and leadership come in many forms at all ages of our lives. What we do with the influence we have is critical to living lives of purpose that are on mission with God.

This weekend, we’re looking at a letter to a young leader learning to use his influence to protect and guide the people placed under his leadership. It is a message about identity, integrity, and influencing the world around us. It is a message that applies to all of us. 

Join us this weekend as we look at Paul’s letters to Timothy and discover five practices that grow your influence.

Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash