3 Remarkable Traits of Love that Reveal Healthy Faith

What is love? An old story illustrates it well…….kind of. 


There’s an elderly couple at a MacDonalds. They order one Big Mac, one fry, one pop, and an extra cup. The man sits with his wife and proceeds to cut the burger in half, pour out the fries and divide them in half, and pour half the pop into the extra cup. 

There’s a man sitting at the table next to them who sees all this and thinks they might be financially destitute and end up hungry. So he decides to take a chance. He says, “Listen, I’d love to buy you a second meal, if you’d let me.”

The elderly man smiles and shakes his head. He says, “No, thank you. My wife and I have shared everything for the last 50 years. But much appreciated.”

So the guy who made the offer goes back to eating his meal. But he can’t help notice the wife isn’t eating. Only the husband is eating. So he inserts himself again and asks her why she’s not eating.

Her answer illustrates one very important aspect of love.

We need to know what love is. There’s a lot of confusion today about what love is, and there always has been.

In our passage for this weekend’s sermon we read a famous line from the Bible, a fundamental truth—”God is love.” In fact it’s stated twice.

And there’s also this phrase, “This is love,” and the phrase, “This is how we know what love is.” And it goes on to tell us what this thing is that is love and how we can know what love is.

I hope you can make this weekend as we explore the traits of biblical love, the love God calls us to.

Oh, you might be wondering what her answer was.

Sorry, but I’m saving the punchline for the weekend! But maybe you’ve already guessed.

Photo by Nhia Moua on Unsplash