Chance encounters or divine appointments?

by John Eiselt

Most of us can think of a chance encounter that we’ve had at one time or another in our life.


By chance encounter, I’m referring to something that happened because we were in the right place at the right time. Perhaps we think of it as a stroke of luck, or even destiny. Maybe you met someone “famous” or won a prize of some sort. Even more meaningful and often life-changing are the types of encounters that involve a change in the trajectory of our lives or even more-so a change in the trajectory of someone else’s life.

Throughout the book of Acts there are countless examples of these “chance encounters” that prove to be divinely appointments. Moments and events brought about by the Holy Spirit moving and working in the lives of normal everyday humans like you and me.

This introduces a big question for us? How does God move in us through his Holy Spirit? What does it feel like, and how do we know when it’s happening?

This weekend we are diving into a story about a “chance encounter” turned divine appointment that will teach us three ways that we experience the Holy Spirit’s work within us and around us.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash