We Can Do More Together

by John Eiselt

“Needs” come in all different types. 

We'll see that in this weekend's miracle story, one of my favorites in the gospels. 

More Together 1.png

For most of us, the needs that come to mind most quickly are often physical needs related to our health, home, work, finances, or family. However, some of our most essential needs are not as easy to identify.

One need we all have in common is the need for significance and meaningful relationships. Our most critical need is to be reconciled to the God who created us.

This coming ministry year we are taking another big step in how we will reach out, invite, partner with, and equip families in our church and community to experience significance and meaning in their lives and relationships.

Ultimately, we want to be a people and a place that connects people to the God who created them.

We will do this in multiple ways and our efforts will involve equal parts of what we do here at Five Oaks and what we do in our everyday lives throughout the week. 

The most important component to this is that we will do this together.

We believe that “together” is how God created us to experience him and carry out his mission. 

You will see this in how we invite you to serve at Five Oaks and beyond.

You will see it in how we recruit and train and develop our volunteer teams.

You will see it in the ministries and events that represent the heart of our mission at Five Oaks. 

This weekend we are looking at a story about the miracle of working together to meet a critical need. 

It is a need that is ultimately met when a community of friends aligns their mission with the power of God.

Join us this weekend as we experience God together.