If Jesus is able to deliver us from all evil, then why doesn’t he just do it?”

A friend and I recently were talking about a conversation he had with someone who asked why God wasn’t healing a mutual friend of theirs. Their mutual friend was in the last stages before dying and suffering a lot. He was leaving a family with young kids behind.


So this other guy explained to my friend that his father had died when he was in his teens. He had been angry at God ever since. And he asked my friend, "Why? Why doesn’t God intervene?"

So my friend said he was at a loss. He says to me, “I didn’t know what to say. All I said was, 'I don’t know the mind of God. I do know God loves him. And if God doesn’t heal him, he has a good reason.’”

I was like, “Actually that’s perfect. No more or no less. Perfect.” 

When someone who is deeply grieving asks “Why?” they’re not looking for a deep theological or philosophical answer. 

Our answer needs to be simple, if we offer one at all. Most of the time I just nod my head. But I really like my friends answer. I’m going to memorize it. 

My friend’s answer focused on God’s love without discarding his sovereignty. 

In this weekend’s passage, we see that Jesus has the power to deliver us from all evil and suffering. But it also explains, in part, why he doesn’t just do it. 

I hope to see you this weekend. Maybe you have a friend who has been asking you this question. Maybe you can send the link after the weekend or invite them to join us for worship.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash