“5 Ways to Share Your Faith without the Pressure”

Followers of Jesus are called by Jesus to tell others about Jesus. 


But most of us find it really difficult to tell others about Jesus. I know I do.

And it’s often an unpleasant experience to be on the other side of the telling. 

“Christians and non-Christians have something in common: we're all uptight about evangelism.” No truer words from Becky Pippert.

I think I know why. You might relate.

I think, at the core, it makes me feel like I’m selling something. I’m not a salesperson. I loathe having to sell anything. 

I think I could be a pretty good salesperson if all I had to do was respond to people who have indicated an interest in what I’m selling.

But sharing my faith feels like cold-call selling. 

I have friends who are, at their very core, salespeople. Most of them don’t struggle with sharing their faith. 

If you feel like I do about sharing your faith, then this weekend’s sermon will help a lot. It’s about 5 ways we can faith without the pressure based on John 4. 

It’s not about overcoming the fear of selling; it’s about taking selling out of the equation.

Picture: I'm standing at THE Jacob's Well. The same one where Jesus met the Samaritan woman!