3 Ways to Get Spiritually Unstuck

This weekend we’re going to look at three ways Jesus challenges us to get unstuck and, at the same time, make our lives count.


It’s frustrating to get stuck. 

You remember that weekend in April when the snow storm shut all the churches down for the weekend...what I called my "Pastor Snow Day." 

Saturday, at supper time, Lois and I decided to go to the Italian restaurant about three-quarters of a mile from our house. We have a 4-wheel drive SUV, so we thought we were good. But we got a little worried when counted at least seven cars that were stuck. Remember, this was a mile and a half trip!

They weren't stuck in ditches. They were stuck in piles of snow left temporarily behind by snow plows.

I think the one that alarmed me most was the car that was identical to my car, except newer! 

It’s frustrating getting your car stuck in snow, but it’s worse when you feel stuck in some aspect of your life. 

This weekend's passage speaks to spiritual stuckness. It illustrates three challenges from Jesus that help us get out of a spiritual rut and to make our lives count. 

The challenge comes from a  story about a tax collector who climbs a tree to get a better look at Jesus.