The Powerfully Important Message in Jesus’ Baptism…and Ours

When Jesus was baptized, he was communicating a powerfully important message. 


The very fact that he was baptized speaks volumes. So do the words of the Father spoken to the Son at his baptism. 

But his baptism and these words take on even deeper meaning for us when you see them in the light of what John the Baptist was preaching right before it. 

I always thought I understood John’s reluctance to baptize Jesus. After all, this was the Messiah, and John is only a prophet preparing the way for the Messiah. John says as much.

But there’s more to it. Way more.

For John, Jesus’ baptism would have felt like a possible rejection of his message.

It wasn’t a rejection, but it was a correction. 

This weekend we’ll look at the correction.

And we'll also take a deep dive into the powerfully important message in Jesus’ baptism.

My hope is that it will deepen your understanding of your baptism......or compel you to follow the example of Jesus and be baptized. 

Hope to see Saturday or Sunday!

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash