What Does It Take to Be Great?

And I’m not asking, "What does it take to become great AT something.”


When you become great AT something you might be described as great—a great engineer or a great teacher or a great parent or a great athlete or musician.

But how do we become just plain great—not great AT but great, period.  

I have to admit, I’m more focused day-to-day on becoming great AT something (or, at least, being perceived as great at something) than I am on BEING great, period. 

When I was young, from upper elementary until early high school, I wanted to be great at football. More than that, I wanted to be great at quarterback. 

But I remember the day that dream died. I soon moved on to other things.

We’ve got a term for people who are pursuing greatNESS. We describe them as a person with “visions of grandeur.”

“That guy or that gal has vision of grandeur” is not a compliment!

But God actually wants us to pursue greatNESS—a state of being great.

Jesus taught on it. And the whole idea is introduced early on his story, even before his birth. 

The topic of greatness is introduced by an angel named Gabriel when he comes to tell Mary about the child Jesus that will be born to her.

Join us for another Advent service this weekend as we focus on the kind greatness God wants us to pursue, and how to achieve it.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash