This is Us

We are the church, whether we are gathered or scattered--each one of us, a part of the body of Christ, wherever we go, whatever we do.

So, where can you find us, and what are we doing?

Nov.13 Baptism.jpg

This last weekend (Nov. 10-11) we had a baptism celebration. One person getting baptised was John Nicholson and he wanted to be baptised by his Student Ministry Leader, Chad Peterson. Helping others grow isn’t about being a perfect leader, it’s about letting our perfect Heavenly Father work through you.

Thanksgiving Bags.jpg

How can you help feed the hungry? One way is to do what Five Oakers have been doing for years: by filling a bag of groceries to provide a Thanksgiving dinner to people served by Union Gospel Mission. You generously provided 300 Bags this year! Oh, and some of you also volunteered at UGM to sort food, register families to receive the food, and distribute food.