This is Us

We are the church, whether we are gathered or scattered--each one of us, a part of the body of Christ, wherever we go, whatever we do.

So, where can you find us, and what are we doing? 


Another Apex missions story this week. Five Oaker Daniel Visness (far left in the picture) shares a bit of his experience in Japan, a 7-week immersion in missions. By the way, we'll be sharing more about the next Apex opportunities in the coming weeks. 

"Before this trip, I had really been struggling with my identity as a Christian; honestly, I wasn’t even sure if I was one anymore. But through my experiences, and especially through talking with my team leaders, I am now confident of my faith and know that, yes, I actually am a Christian. Truthfully though, the most change has occurred in my life through the interactions with my teammates. It took me a long time to realize it, but, upon looking back, I realized that working alongside them opened my eyes to a lot of junk that was in my life. I hadn’t even realized it, but I was struggling with depression and serious judgmentalism; it was really hard for me to get along with anyone, especially people who I judged more harshly than others. ...Looking back, I know God used this trip in my life to change me, to force me to open up to people again, to become someone who actually represents Christ in everything I do. I’m making progress, but change doesn’t come easily to me; still, I praise God for what he is doing in my life."