When Our Stories Come Crashing into the Story of God

Pastor John Eiselt is leading the team that will put on the outdoor service this weekend. Here are some of his reflections leading into the weekend.

As I'm reflecting on and reading through the stories and lives that are represented by those being baptized this weekend, I am inspired and humbled by what we get to be a part of as a church.

There are young stories, developing stories, and seasoned stories.

Stories of children running to relationship with their Creator, stories of students embracing depth and new-found ownership in their walk with God, and stories of adults who have found hope, redemption, renewal, passion, purpose, and joy. 

As I skimmed more asian beetles off of the pool this afternoon, and looked out over the lawn that will be filled with people this weekend, I am overwhelmed by the holy ground that this weekend represents. It's holy ground that represents lives and people and stories changed and formed by the story of God. 

 It's about stories that have come crashing into the story of God.

The celebration this weekend is a celebration of these individual stories, and a celebration of the kingdom and story of God of which we get to experience and express as a church family. 

It's about the living God, living in me, living in you, and living in the wonderful expression of God's church that we call Five Oaks.

When we cheer this weekend, that is what we're cheering for.

I can't wait to celebrate!!!