"Well, if sin ain’t fun, you ain’t doing it right."

Pastor and author J.D. Greear writes: "Growing up, I remember a country preacher who used to come to our youth group and warn us about the dangers of sin. One of his favorite tactics was to point his finger at us and shout, 'Sin ain’t fun!' I never corrected him, but even at the time I thought, 'Well, if sin ain’t fun, you ain’t doing it right.'”

"Mischief" by Rajeev Rajagopalan; http://bit.ly/2tkwNCp

"Mischief" by Rajeev Rajagopalan; http://bit.ly/2tkwNCp

The reality is that we wouldn’t sin much if it weren’t fun. 

Sin is fun, but it’s also destructive.

In this weekend's passage we see how King David fell into sin and experienced all of its ugly consequences.

In David we see sin’s capacity to enslave us and to motivate us to cover it up.

But we also see the possibility of renewal through confession and repentance.

That's what this weekend's sermon is about. You can find forgiveness and restoration.