Could you use a glimpse of God's love right now?

by John Eiselt

Maybe it's financial pressure, or something you're struggling with, or grief, or discouragement, or a fractured relationship...and you could use a glimpse of God's love right now.

That's what this weekend will be about. 

As I prepared for the sermon, I looked backwards, like you do when you’re hiking, on where we’ve come from. I looked back because there is narrative and pattern that is present right from the start, and it’s a narrative and pattern that repeats itself throughout the story of God.

There is God, and there is his creation that ultimately manifests itself in human form. God chooses to share his glory and creates humans.

However, right from the get go, the first humans prove to be just like you and me. 

They struggle to trust God, they struggle to remember God, and they struggle to depend on God’s promises. 

God’s people turn their own way, and God stays faithful and reminds them who he is, who they are, and in the process reveals (again) the greater truths of both.

God is not surprised by any of this, rather he is ready to prove his love as welcoming, unyielding, and redeeming. And he does this over, and over, and over again. 

The book of Ruth takes us one step further in this recurring pattern and shows us God’s love on display in the context of a family that is experiencing a crisis compounded by unspeakable tragedy. 

Join us this weekend as we catch a glimpse of God’s love on display in the book of Ruth and discover how his love, despite our circumstances, is on display, all the time, in our very own families.