Ever been disappointed with God?

By Pastor John Eiselt

I was recently reading a book, “The Good and Beautiful God”, by James Bryan Smith, and in the opening pages he recalled a time when “mood rings” were a fad. They were said to be able to tell what mood a person was in based on the color of the ring at the time. 

He goes on to reflect on what it would be like to if we had “Love of God” rings, which would detect and display the level of our love for God at any given moment. 

It caused me to reflect on my own season of faith in my journey with God, and on the very nature of the expectations we have of God and his presence in our lives. 

Certain seasons bring us joy, peace, and intimacy with God more easily than others. Many seasons in our lives bring struggle, doubt, and even disappointment in God. 

Ever been disappointed in God? You’re not alone. 

Join us this Palm Sunday Weekend at Five Oaks as we look at Jesus’ Triumphal Entry through the perspective of his followers. Jesus was not who they wanted him or expected him to be. Their disappointment and reaction is the beginning of his journey to Easter.