Can You Really Count on God's Grace?

When pastor James Van Tholen returned to the pulpit after a six-month battle with cancer, where he had been too weak to work, he came back knowing his time was short. He knew he had only weeks or months to live.

He was about the age of Jesus when Jesus went to the cross. He was in his early thirties.

And on that first day back in the pulpit, he told his congregation that he was scared of death. And he told them why.

He told them that he didn’t feel like he had finished. In fact, he knew for a fact that he had not accomplished the kind of life God had created him to live, and now there was no time to get it right.

He would have to depend on the grace he had always preached about, but he admitted he felt unprepared.

I'll share more about his story. counting on grace, and the crucial final words of Jesus on the cross at our Good Friday prayer services.