The Most Neglected Element in Making Big Decisions

Every decision has a corresponding consequence that is long lasting. Sometimes the greatest impact on our lives is felt by a continuing series of small decisions in the right or wrong direction. 

But there are big, one-time decisions we make that impact the trajectory of our lives in huge ways.

What kind of decisions? Decisions that move our family to another state. Taking a new job with a different company. Choosing a university. Making our closest friends. Deciding on the mode of educating our kids (home, public, or private). Whether to get married, or who to marry.  

What is needed to make a good decision in these circumstances? Information. Prayer. Wisdom to sort through the options. Discernment. Good, godly advice.

But I think there is one element we frequently forget we need.

The Israelites lacked it as they looked over the river at the Promised Land and saw the obstacles and dangers of choosing to follow God into the land. The results were disastrous. An entire generation lived with the consequences of their decision. 

This weekend we're looking at the decision making element they lacked and we often neglect to consider as we look at Number 13-14. We can learn from their mistakes. And we can learn to live with the mistakes we've made along the way. 

Invite a friend who is facing a big decision, and join us for the worship service.