Productivity is About More Than Getting Things Done

Productivity is about doing the right things. 

That's why God is the most "productive," and he seeks to make us more "productive." 

It's not a stretch to see the 10 Commandments this way. They are about doing the right things. 

But doing the 10 takes more than grit or even God's power. It takes thoughtfulness, discernment, imagination, and humility. 

Take the command to honor our parents.

  • Thoughtfulness: How do I honor my parents when they are evil? That takes thought. The command to honor can't simply or easily be dismissed. But neither can it simply be obeyed. It takes thoughtfulness to do the right thing. 
  • Discernment: How do you honor your mother and father if they are wrong? That takes discernment to do the right thing.
  • Imagination: How do you honor your mother and father if they are divorced and asking for competing things from you? That takes some imagination to do the right thing.
  • Humility: All the situations listed above require more than our know-how and imagination. We have brothers and sisters in Christ who can and will bring wisdom and prayer to help us do the right thing. 

None of the commandments are so comprehensive as to not need thoughtfulness, discernment, imagination, and humility to know what's the right thing to do, especially in tricky situations. 

Shouldn't be that way--really shouldn't be so complicated--but it is that way because we've broken things. 

Where are you struggling to do the right thing right now in your life? I'm not talking about the struggle to make a tough choice, but the struggle to know what is the right thing for the situation you are in. 

Seek God's word on what you're facing. Think. Imagine, Discern. Seek advice.