This is Us

We are the church, whether we are gathered or scattered--each one of us, a part of the body of Christ, wherever we go, whatever we do.

So, where can you find us, and what are we doing? 


Every year tens of thousands of key influencers from around the world come to the U.S. for education, then they go back home to lead in government and industry. Most never really get to know Americans. The Friendship Meal at the Hospitality Center for Chinese Students at the UM is an opportunity to share a meal and build friendships with some of those influencers. Mike and Laura Kuhl (Laura is talking across the table and Mike is to her right), as well as several other Five Oakers, helped prepare and serve the meal last week and spent time getting to know these students. 


Dan Parker is finishing up his second and last term on the Elders. The Elders gather every Wednesday at 6:30am to pray, but we always start with coffee and conversation by the Acorn cafe or sitting by the fireplace. For 6 years I've been offering Dan coffee. He usually comes in carrying a Mountain Dew. I've even offered him Mountain Dew flavored coffee (no such thing but the power of suggestion can be a powerful thing). For 6 years he's said no. Until last week. People do change for the better! Dan and the Elders pray for our congregation, meet with new member candidates, teach the new member class, help craft theological position papers, and so much more. Thanks, Dan, for your service. 


As part of the Family Advent services, gently used shoes were donated to help relieve hunger through the Shoe Away Hunger program. Thanks to all the Five Oakers who helped fill the barrell. Scroll down for more pictures from the Advent services.