Amazon Got Me to Smile. A Huge Smile. Don't Miss Your Chance.

I was doing some Christmas shopping on Amazon two nights ago and a thank you popped on my Amazon screen.


It was a thank you for contributing $105 to Five Oaks since November. 

That money (all of it) is going to help students go to the Challenge Conference in the summer.

All we did was our usual shopping on Amazon's website using AmazonSmile (same exact website in every way except targeted to FIve Oaks once you set it up).

Lois hates going shopping, so a good portion of our Christmas gifts will be on Amazon. And my work-related things are on Amazon. It adds up. 

$105 since November!

Reality is I think we're going to be able to donate a lot without it costing anything extra. (Unless I start justifying purchases by saying I'm helping students go to Challenge. Haha.)

It's crazy! 

You can contribute in this way, too. 

Just go here, and it will be set up for you. It will take seconds if you have an Amazon account.

It's that easy. 

And you will be impacting the next generation in a huge way.