What is God’s answer to human evil and suffering?

One of the headlines from last Wednesday reads, “Mystery Deepens on Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive.” No one seems to have a clue as to why he did what he did. 


In reality, I think most of us know that nothing they find will help us really understand why he did what he did. These kinds of things are truly senseless. 

And they’re truly evil. 

You don’t have to be directly impacted by this event to wonder what is God's answer to this kind of act of evil.

And if we question God over the lives taken in Las Vegas, how about atrocities that count in the millions?

How do we get our heads around the tens of millions killed and hundreds of millions who suffered in the various fascist and communist ethnic, racial, and ideological cleansings of the twentieth century? 

The toll of suffering from hundreds of years of slavery in our nation is unimaginable.

Or what about the state-sponsored tribal genocides like the one witnessed in Rwanda? 

What is God’s answer to human evil and suffering? 

God’s answer is found in this weekend's passage from Isaiah, the eighth century B.C Hebrew prophet.

But his answer is so unusual, even outrageous, that Isaiah basically begins by saying, “Nobody's going to believe this without divine intervention.”

I hope to see you this weekend. And if you know someone who needs a greater hope, consider inviting them.