Have you experienced God’s grace? If so, you have an vitally important decision to make.

We’re exploring the big idea of the book of Jonah this weekend by focusing on the end of the story. It calls for a decision. 

Photo by DigitalTree515 on  Flickr  

Photo by DigitalTree515 on Flickr 

Jonah ends in an open-ended way. It’s one of those endings that seems abrupt and leaves you asking, “And then what happened?”

But then you realize that what happens next completely depends on you. 

Jonah is that kind of story. 

That’s often missed because we tend to make Jonah about the fish. After all, it’s the only story in the Bible where a man is swallowed by a fish. 

But it’s not about the fish. 

Jonah is a story with an open ending that calls Christ-followers to make a very important decision. 

But this isn’t just a story for those who’ve personally experienced God’s grace; it’s a story about how incredible, even unbelievable, God’s grace actually is. So if you know someone who needs to experience the indescribable grace of God, this would be a great weekend to invite them.

You might want to watch the Bible Project video on Jonah before you come (below). I will be showing it in my sermon, but it’s so packed with great stuff that it won’t hurt you to see it now and then again on the weekend. So, enjoy!