10 Tweets on “The Gospel” (1 Corinthians 15:1-11)

Here's the sermon in 10 Tweets in our "Letter to the Church in Corinth" series.

1/ How does the Gospel speak to the situation our country is facing right now, illustrated by the shootings this week? 

2/ We experienced a “moment” this week where all sides were leaving their corners. Christians should always live in that moment.

3/ The Gospel tells the story of how we got into this predicament, God’s mission to redeem our world, and how we can join God in his mission.

4/ We can’t really see the Gospel’s relevance to our divide if we shrink or distort it.

5/ The Gospel is the whole story of God’s rescue and redemption of humanity and of the entire creation. 

6/ It’s more than the message of salvation. It’s the whole story from Creation to New Creation.

7/ The problem is sin—cosmic treason against the rightful ruler of the universe resulting in the mess we’ve created by being our own gods.

8/ The doctrine of common grace & practice of co-belligerence make it possible for us to join w/ others for good w/ whom we otherwise disagree

9/ As a Christian you can stand alongside one side on any issue, but you must not take sides.

10/ If your highest allegiance & personal i.d. is in Christ, you more than most will be able to really listen & bridge divides.