10 Tweets on “Ministry Realities” (1 Corinthians 16)

Here's the sermon in 10 Tweets in our "Letter to the Church in Corinth" series.

1/ Money matters in ministry because stewardship shapes spirituality.

2/ God’s “Waze” leads to delays (and difficulties).

3/ Paul’s prayerful plans don’t pan out.

4/ Christians are too quick to beat themselves and each other up way too often when things don’t work out.

5/ Ministry is a team sport all the way to the top.

6/ The mission God has called you to is too big, too complex, too challenging, too difficult to do it alone.

7/ We’ve got to be a little loco in the cabeza to think we can go it alone as parents, as church leaders, and as disciples on the journey.

8/ The stakes are high in ministry.

9/ Love and curse—this is the Story of God in miniature.

10/ If you know the SOG, you know…created for love… we reject that love… God curses evil & commences a search & rescue mission…