10 Tweets on “Gospel Neighboring” (Luke 10:25-37)

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 tweets from our Journey to Easter series.

1/ The Bible expert looks like the ignorant student so he asks, "Who is my neighbor?," in order to justify himself.

2/ Jesus' parable pulls the Bible expert in again and reframes the question/issue.

3/ There's more to this than 'go and take care of people in need.' Clue: Look at the characters in the story.

4/ Jesus never answers the question.

5/ Jesus is counting on the crowd thinking, 'Why would a Samaritan help a Jew? They hate us."

6/ If a Samaritan were to do this, they know it would be a pure act of grace. Under no obligation.

7/ Everyone in the crowd would identify with the guy on the side of the road. 

8/ Jesus is counting on the crowd asking themselves, "How would I feel about it if a Samaritan helped me?" 

9/ Go and do likewise: Go and help even your enemy. Don't narrow down who you are to help.

10/ This story contains the dynamics of the gospel--What the Samaritan does for his enemy is what God does for us.