10 Tweets on “'Lollipop Moments' and the Kingdom of God" (Matthew 13:31-33)

Here's my sermon from last weekend in 10 tweets. 

1/ Dudley: "Maybe the biggest impact I'd ever had on anyone's life was a moment that I didn't even remember." Lollipop moment. 

2/ We’re not sure what seeking first the kingdom is, but we’re pretty sure our life doesn’t qualify.  So we start to devalue our kingdom work.

3/ Betw/ the 1st & 2nd coming, the kingdom is still small, hidden, slow & unimpressive compared to the awe-inspiring flash of the 2nd coming

4/ In God’s big story, everything we do is small, even when it seems big. But we are not small because were part of his kingdom.

5/ All the small things we do are part of something really big.

6/ Most kingdom work is done in ordinary time by ordinary people doing ordinary things.

7/ Most kingdom impact you have is hidden from view, even your view.

8/ Most kingdom work we do outside of ordinary time is small and hidden from the view of most people.

9/ Once you do big, it feels small.

10/ Find the meaning and the joy in the small things or you will never find meaning and joy.

Watch the sermon here.