Overheard at Five Oaks - December 13

"This might totally flop." Jeremy talking about the opening of the Christmas Eve services. And, no, it's not going to flop. Don't be late.

"I'm Cuban." A guest at 10-Minute Connect. 

"Yes! We can't have too many Cubans at Five Oaks." My response.

"They're different than when Dan led them, but not so different it's odd." Amy Thornton talking about the Advent services. I'm loving them. Like the ones Dan led, they enrich the whole experience of Advent and Christmas. 

"I'm glad it's over." Cindy Yarington about teaching at the Baptism Milestone class. She doesn't like being the up front person, but John said she killed it for 16 kids and 8 families that attended."

"They all had elf names." Rhiannon Rutledge talking about the Coffee House Jr. for kids event.

"I shared the message I was going to share with my daughter who is now a son." Justin Talk talking about what he shared at Tea with the Talks. Katie Talk is pregnant. Not sure if they were told they were having a daughter and it later to changed to a son or if it's a Christmas miracle of some sort...