Overheard at Five Oaks - November 29

"Look out the back windows of the commons. What's new?" - Brian Burquest pointing out the new home being built directly behind our property.

"There are no more kid's to buy presents for on the tree." - Referring the the Kid's Hope Giving Tree for kids at Woodbury Elementary. This is a great thing. They're all covered. Thank you to all who are doing this!

"The leadership at Woodbury Elementary are disappointed when parents don't jump on the chance to have a Kids' Hope Mentor."

"That could be a new chapter in the book The Art of Neighboring." - What I said in response to a staff member who's thinking of shooting a neighbor's dog for leaving gifts in his front yard.

"I don't care. I'll be eating at Volunteer Central!" - Said at meeting when talking about no cookies this year at our Christmas services, but offering free coffee and hot chocolate. And, yes, the food is great at the Christmas services Volunteer Central. (Hint, hint)

"We're excited but nervous." - Amy Thornton when asked about the Thursday morning Advent services she and Melissa Borner are launching this weekend without Dan.

"When we say, 'One of our missionaries,' what exactly does that mean? Are we their only support?" - Said at a staff meeting. We mean the fourteen or so missionaries we support out of our mission's budget, but we are one of many partners they have.

"The people I talked to loved the kids' video from the weekend...and they were all adults."