10 Tweets on “Frustrated by Grace” (Matthew 20:1-16)

Here's last weekend’s sermon in 10 tweets.

1/ Julia Sweeney: “All that being good and no real credit for it?”

2/ As amazing as grace is, it makes a lot of people frustrated and angry.

3/ Grace is an irreducible element in relating to God. 

4/ What if the 12-hour workers had rejoiced when the 11th-hour workers were paid the same bec/ they knew they too would get a meal that night?

5/ The 12-hour workers are more concerned about their own status than they are about other people’s needs. 

6/ Why do you most identify with the 12-hour workers in this story? You know you do. 

7/ Jesus wants all of us to identify with the 11th-hour workers every time, no matter who we are.

8/ Jesus is the only person who can truly identify with the 12-hour workers.

9/ When did grace cease being amazing to you?

10/ Matt Woodley: “On that day, George became my mentor in the ways of God's grace.”