10 Tweets on “Deaf to God” (Luke 16:11-15,19-31)

Here's last weekend’s sermon in 10 tweets.

Pink Birkin Bag

Pink Birkin Bag

1/ The Rich Man and Lazarus is about how wealth, by it’s very nature, makes us ridiculous with disastrous results. 

2/ There’s probably not a one of us that believes money is as dangerous as Jesus says it is. I’m trying to believe him.

3/ Wealth hardens our hearts toward others.

4/ “It literally is a compassion deficit that’s produced by lots of wealth.”

5/ The rich man is the trajectory of the life of a man who loves money. 

6/ You have to intentionally counteract the corrupting power of money and wealth.

7/ Jesus: “The way is easy that leads to destruction.”

8/ Loving money makes us deaf to God.

9/ We simply will not listen to God when money has our devoted attention.

10/ You can’t just stop loving money.

You can watch the sermon here.