10 Tweets on Serving

Here is last weekend's sermon in 10 tweets. These come from my own notes from Dan Lukas' sermon.


1/ Serving = healthy relationships.

2/ Serving is not just the thing you do; it's the thing behind the thing you do.

3/ Serving is a way of practicing that we are not first.

4/ Adam & Eve's choice to serve themselves cast a shadow over all creation.

5/ Want to see what serving looks like, read the gospels. It drips from Jesus.

6/ "Your will be done..." Jesus teaches to pray as we should live so that we will live as we pray. 

7/ When we follow J, he is formed in us. When he is formed in us, we become who we were called to be.

8/ You're enrolled in God's master class on serving. If you want to really love, you can't drop the class.

9/ I wish Jesus had been a parent.

10/ What if we have been saved not just for heaven but from our selfishness?