10 Tweets for "Fellowship" Sermon

Here's last week's sermon in 10 Tweets (Hebrews 10:23-25):

1/ God commands quality connections.

2/ The "one anothers" require quality connections.

3/ God has hard-wired us for connection.

4/ Most of us have seen & can tell story after story about how lack of or wrong connections has bad results.

5/ Science confirms we are hard-wired for connection.

6/ We are made in God's image. God has never existed in isolation, without connecting relationally. God has always been three in one—a Trinity.

7/ Matt Woodley: The doctrine of the Trinity tells us that the core of reality is a God who lives as a community of happy, delighted love.

8/ Lack of boundaries may have hurt you. But if your new boundaries keep you from connecting, you're simply being unhealthy in a new way.

9/ A lot of you are saying, “I know it’s important and I’ll get around to it soon.” But some of you have been saying this for years.

10/ Jesus needed his friends on the night he was betrayed. You need spiritual friendships, too. You need to connect.

Watch last weekend's sermon here: