One More Thing

Hi Five Oakers,

The weekend is almost here and there are a few things I want to share with you.


The Weekend

God's access to our hearts often takes familiar pathways. We're going to look at one of those familiar pathways this weekend as we conclude our David Story (1-2 Samuel) series. (I'm really going to miss this series!)

We begin a brand new, four-week series next week called "Connect." It focuses on the spiritual disciplines associated with Connecting to the body of Christ. We'll be casting vision for our church and for families during this series. After that we tackle Joshua, Judges and Ruth. Three books that are a prequel of sorts to the of a prequel to the David Story. 


Seth Godin on "Grit and Hard Work"

The story we tell ourselves and the stories we tell our children matter far more than we imagine.There's a huge difference between, "You got an A because you're smart," and "You got an A because you studied hard."

One More Thing

The Men's Ministry kicks off the new ministry year next Saturday, August 29, with a pancake breakfast. I love this event each year. It's inspiring not only to hear about what's coming up, but also to hear stories of changed lives. It's also a great event to connect with the guys of our church.