10 Tweets on "Can We Trust Joshua's God?" (Joshua 6)

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets (The Promised Land: Joshua & Judges series)

1/ God's surprising exception to the command to destroy all in Jericho is a prostitute named Rahab and her family.

2/ Why allow this exception? We have the witness of John 3:16 and Genesis 12: God's heart for lost humanity.

3/ The command to wipe out is isolated to 6 nations & one campaign. The command to bless the world permeates the OT.

4/ Hubbard: The OT rarely recalls the violent conquest, never glories in its goriness, and never promotes it as policy for the future.

5/ God is patient to judge. He waits. He actually comes across as a permissive parent who warns & rarely follows through.

6/ How could a loving God...? How could a loving mother turn her child into the police? God & she are not JUST loving.

7/ What if God in his wisdom knows there is no vitamin that can cure the cancer in Canaan? That radical surgery is required?

8/ You can’t have love without wrath.

9/ God sees the supply chain of the atrocities committed in our world and he traces them back to you and to me. 

10/ God absorbs his wrath against sin on the cross so that he can be both just and justifier. That's Joshua's God. You can trust him. 

You can watch the sermon here.