10 Tweets

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets: "Courage," 1 Samuel 17, The David Story: Finding Strength in God 3389235630_cc7ae6dc9c_o

1/ Opening sets the scene in a way that draws the reader to another important scene in the story of God. W/out context, miss the meaning.

2/ SOG connections: Israel's fear of giants in Promised Land, Joshua driving them to Gath, Goliath of Gath, 40years/40days

3/ What's at stake? God’s promises and God’s plan for his people. Courage to take hold of them.

4/ David was likely aware God could prevail even if he were to die in this battle but the situation didn’t call for hedging and balance.

5/ One of the clear purposes of this account is to correct our mindset.

6/ What matters most to you matters most. God and his glory matters most to David.

7/ David has a plan. He knows how to use a sling & stone, he knows Goliath's vulnerabilities (i.e., his forehead & overconfidence)

8/ Arm yourself well. In your battle to take hold of God’s promises, God will provide the victory, but he will use his means to provide it

9/ Take a step to take a stand. David runs...

10/ Representation precedes inspiration. What inspires - be/ of Christ, the grace & love of God, the truth that sin & death no power over us