10 Tweets

Here's my sermon from Easter weekend in 10 Tweets, "For those who didn't get the memo," Matthew 28 5743042697_c0b8742700_b

1/ I don't know about you, but every day I see or hear something that I don't understand & I feel like I didn't get the memo...BOGO

2/ It's serious when we don't feel we got the memo on connecting with God.

3/ Easter is about God making sure the people who didn't get the memo get the memo.

4/ Mary Magdalene is the only clearly identified disciple in the entire resurrection narrative in Matthew.

5/ Mary M typifies the people Jesus intentionally targeted in his ministry--those who didn't get the memo.

6/ Some of the disciples still doubted, even as Jesus was giving them the Great Commission.

7/ The key word in the memo is one in Greek but is translated, "He has risen."

8/ The key word means there is new life and a new body coming. Great news for those facing death or experiencing disability.

9/ Because he is risen we have his teaching to direct our everyday lives. And we have him (I will be with you to the end of the age)

10/ We are a bunch of people who got the memo, responded in faith and now help others get the memo and become followers of Jesus.