10 Tweets

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets, Rule of Life: God in My Everything, “Taking it to Work” 9415848746_4c13527434_o

1/ There is no hierarchy for God when it comes to our work. There is not "perfect work" (clergy) vs. "permissible work" (everybody else)

2/ Work is sacred activity. God works. God is described as a worker of many professions.

3/ Jesus was a student during his childhood years. I doubt Mary gave him a pass to miss school saying, "You're God. You already know everything."

4/ “Your work is a very sacred matter, God delights in it, and through it he wants to bestow his blessings on you.” (Martin Luther)

5/ God matters at work. Inscribe the sacredness of work on your tools. Set prayer reminders (e.g., laptop password).

6/ Love people at work. God values them supremely. Get to know their needs. Pray for them. Tell them you pray for them.

7/ Pray your to-do list and calendar. Have a "personal strategy session" with God each day. See "Why I STOPPED Doing Quiet Times"

8/ Offer your work as a prayer. St. Benedict: "to work is to pray"

9/ Dorothy Sayer: We tell a drunk carpenter to stop getting drunk...we miss the point if we don't tell him he should be making good tables.

10/ When trust God enough to rest we seek our worth and identity not in our work but in the One we worship.