10 Tweets

Here is last weekend’s sermon in 10 Tweets, “The Faith that Vanquishes Evil” (Casting Out a Demon), Mark 9:14-27, Series: Marvels & Wonders: A Study of the Miracles of Jesus My favorite item at the current special exhibit at the @legionofhonor ? A mathematical formula written by none other than Lord Kelvin in a friend's autograph book. Though the Charlie Chaplin page was none too shabby. #latergram

1/ "According to his biographer, he looked as if for the first time he had discovered there was evil on Earth."

2/ There is a direct connection in the Bible between doubting God and the presence of evil.

3/ As Jesus is taking on diseases & disabilities thru miracles, he’s also taking on the prince of evil, Satan, the lying snake in the Garden

4/ Faith in God puts no limits on what God is able to do.

5/ Andrew Wilson: "God never says no to a request for healing. He either says ‘Yes’ or ‘Not yet.’"

[Check out "God Always Heals: Good news for our bodies—in this life and the next" by Andrew Wilson here.]

6/ While doubting God is satanically inspired, God loves doubters.

7/ If you focus on a formula, you’ll end up replacing faith in Jesus with faith in a formula.

8/ Apparently, some demons can be driven out without prayer. Get your head around that one.

9/ Faith is about carrying out ministry believing that nothing of any lasting value will be accomplished apart from the power of God.

10/ As a parent or in ministry, don't wait until you find yourself completely helpless. Prayerfully parent. Prayerfully lead. Now.