10 Tweets

Here is last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets, "Who Do You Day That I Am?" (Healing the Blind Man), Mark 8:16-37, Series: Marvels & Wonders: A Study of the Miracles of Jesus Question Mark

1/ When listening to advice the brain is "napping" acc to brain scans. It lights up with engaging questions.

2/ Jesus asks 15 questions in Mark 8. All leading to the conclusion of "lesson 1" for the disciples regarding who Jesus is.

3/ "Do you not yet understand?" He's the provider. He can make bread. Yes, but why can he do this? Who is he?

4/ "Do you see anything?" is directed at the blind man AND the disciples.

5/ "Who do people say that I am?" They don't quite get it. The people see Jesus as the blind man saw men as trees, walking.

6/ "But who do you say that I am?" You can almost see the new circuits light up as Peter gets it for the first time. "You are the Christ."

7/ Jesus is the Savior Messiah, but that's only part one of the story. So many people are missing the rest of the story.

8 Jesus drops the bombshell for the first time: I must suffer and die and rise. Peter rebukes him. What does that look like?

9/ Jared Wilson: "When you seek to have Christ w/out taking his cross, you are not aligning with Christ but with the Devil."

10/ Don't be surprised by suffering. Don't be satisfied with suffering. Din't lose sight of your true hope in suffering.