Monday Memo

Here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards: Crop circle

// I really enjoyed this sermon. It was a great “piggy-back” to our woman’s study (soul shift) this week. A “you” attitude vs. a “Me” attitude.

// I get a little teary-eyed when you talk about why we take communion.

// Great challenges, Henry – to focus on looking outside our circles to bring people in. also, I was brought to a deeper level of worship watching another person worship.

// Loved this sermon, Henry. Such a great reminder to all of us to keep our circles open, and for all of us to stretch ourselves in ways that may be beyond our comfort. We all have difficult levels of comfort with this, we all can stretch. [And someone caught me in a closed circle after the last service!]

// Worship to "Oh God" was amazing. Thank you Nathan. [Agree. Love those quieter moments when we're not singing but meditating on the message of a soulful Communion song.]

// Nathan – great communion.

// The song Nathan sang – wonderful, needed. Thanks!

// Classic car show in the parking lot on 4th of July? [Noted! Thanks.]

// Can we leave a few pens by the chairs that are outside the service? When we need to be out there due to noisy kids it’s hard to find pens for filling out the comment cards, writing checks, taking notes, etc. Also, there are dead bugs by the windows. [Noted]