10 Tweets

Here’s last weekend’s sermon in 10 Tweets, Marvels & Wonders: A Study in the Miracles of Jesus, “A Barricade of Backs" (Healing a Man Who Can’t Walk) Giving Thanks

1/ They called an emergency meeting of the leadership to determine how to keep people OFF their property so their stuff wouldn’t get broken

2/ Churched-people are prone to erecting barricades to keep unchurched-people from coming to church or sticking with it once they’ve come.

3/ Listening to Jesus, they form what Buchanan calls “a barricade of backs.”

4/ It’s natural to huddle up with like-minded people. Huddling up is even good. God calls us to huddle up.

5/ If the team never breaks from the huddle, it never gets into the game. The ball is in play when the 4 men show up with their paralyzed pal

6/ Buchanan: "It's when we're more upset when stuff gets broken than excited when the broken are mended."

7/ It takes selflessness. The crowds are streaming to Jesus but these 4 guys go in the opposite direction to get their friend.

8/ They don’t let the religiously self-absorbed or the uncaring deter them from their assignment to bring lives to Christ.

9/ It takes faith. They do all this because they are convinced Jesus can help there friend.

10/ Not even God can forgive w/out exacting payment or absorbing the sin. Jesus forgave knowing that he would absorb this man’s sin on the cross