10 Tweets

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets, Marvel's & Wonders: Miracles of Jesus, "Feeding of the 4000"

1/ Are rich people meaner, more self-absorbed & less generous than poor people?

2/ Can rich people be influenced to be as generous as poor? Yes. Much as Jesus grows generous hearts in this text.

3/ Jesus helps us see with new eyes. They are sheep without a shepherd (Mark 6:34)

4/ This is your mission. They are your mission field.

5/ Researchers showed rich people a brief film on child poverty to get them to give as much % as poor.

6/ Jesus asks us to give something. "How many loaves do you have? ...And he took the 7 loaves."

7/ Monopoly experiment....Do you have a clear sense of your advantages? Your responsibility with those advantages?

8/ Do you imagine Jesus was thinking, 'If I only had 7 loaves, I could feed this crowd.' Then why ask?

9/ Jesus takes our something & multiplies it. The biblical benchmark for that something = 10%. Can't imagine? Than start wherever you can.

10/ Jesus: "Why talking about bread? Don't you remember? Do you not yet understand?"