10 Tweets

Here is Tim's sermon in 10 tweets, The Most Scandalous, Mysterious, Barbaric, Controversial Christmas Series, “The Angels & the Shepherds” dirty window

1/ The angels and the shepherds together are a scandalous contradiction. It's the glory of heaven running into the manure in the field.

2/ God speaks good news, and we need to hear it from scripture and from each other.

3/ "God doesn't just do things; he also says things, and we need to know what he says so that we can believe in what he has done." - Phil Ryken

4/ "Aren't you going to introduce me?" Thankfully, the angel knew who he was introducing.

5/ The baby in Bethlehem wasn't just a savior. He was a savior who was the promised king, and God himself - a savior who could truly save.

6/ The sign wasn't the 10,000 angels that were about to light up the sky. The sign was the baby!

7/ At the center of Christianity are the facts of real events with real people. A baby was born, he lived a sinless life, he taught, performed miracles, and was crucified, then rose from the dead.

8/ Don't make the mistake of just assuming the gospel accounts aren't true. But also don't make the mistake of just assuming they are true.

9/ The image of the glorious angels and the humble shepherds point us to a glorious God, who became a humble man, a servant.

10/ The same scene reminds us that God, in his glory, accepts sinners like us, in our filth, because of Jesus.