10 Tweets

Here are the 10 Tweets for last weekend’s sermon in our series on Acts, Invite: Ripples 1// Until you see the horror of your sin you will not see the glory of your God and of his solution.

2// It is because of God’s mercy that we don’t see the full impact of our sin.

3// God sees the full impact our sin, yet because of his grace he absorbs the full consequences of our sin.

4// Our sin has a ripple effect. But so does reconciliation with God. We are adopted & forgiven...find peace, purpose, joy...

5// The disciples and Mary acted as if Jesus was leaving for good. "Clinging" to him.

6// The ascension is not about the absence of Jesus; it’s about the heightening of his presence.

7// Feel alone or abandoned? God never leaves his family members alone. Doubt your emotions more than you doubt God.

8// Frederica Mathewes-Green: "If you hunger to know the presence of God, it's because you have already begun to scent God's compelling delight."

9// The Parable of the Great Banquet is the Great Commission in parable form.

10// Our mission: Invite people to be reconciled to God so that his kingdom rule can begin now in a partial way in & through their lives.